Fulfilling Pharmaceutical Needs In Africa

Prunus Pharma is always on the look out to provide its customers with quality pharmaceuticals at the most competitive price. We target different therapeutic segments and market a comprehensive range of specialty pharmaceuticals customised to market for treatment of patients. We clearly understand our customer’s pharmaceutical needs and use cutting edge technology to present innovative solutions. Our business includes import, distribution and marketing of Branded-Generics and Generics in East-Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

In Kenya, we have presence in high growth specialty formulations of anti-malarials, anti-biotics and pain-management. We pride ourselves on excellent level of customer satisfaction and best in class distribution service.

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Our Clients Include

Community Pharmacy

Community pharmacists are the health professionals who are most accessible to the public in Kenya. Today, an increasingly wide range of new and analogous pharmaceuticals are dispensed by community pharmacists. Prunus Pharma is committed to partner with community pharmacies in order to ensure availability of specialized pharmaceuticals in addition to essential medicines.

Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy is responsible for the provision of pharmaceuticals to in-patient and out-patient departments. In addition to supplying Pharmaceuticals, our commitment goes beyond to training and education of these pharmacies in drug information, patient counseling, medicines compounding and distribution.


Beyond medical school and housemanship, each doctor needs to keep himself or herself current with changes in pharmaceutical industry. Prunus Pharma organises CMEs so as doctors practise up-to-date medicine and offer good quality care.

Pharmaceutical Portfolio - A Glimpse

We stay relevant in market by procuring and distributing Niche Pharmaceuticals