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Prunus Pharma is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Nairobi Kenya. Prunus Pharma is one of the top importer, distributor and wholesaler of pharmaceutical products in Kenya and East-Africa. As international pharmaceutical merchant in Kenya, we are operating across the country in branded and branded-generic pharmaceuticals.

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Prunus Pharma

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Fulfilling Pharmaceutical Needs In Africa

Prunus Pharma is always on the look out to provide its customers with quality pharmaceuticals at the most competitive price. As being one of the top pharmaceutical importers in Kenya, we target different therapeutic segments and market a comprehensive range of specialty pharmaceuticals customized to Kenya and East African market. Our business includes import, distribution and marketing of Branded-Generics and Generics in East-Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

In Kenya, we have presence in high growth specialty formulations of Anti-Malarials, Anti-Biotics and Pain-Management. We pride ourselves on excellent level of customer satisfaction and best in class distribution service.
We are committed to become the largest wholesaler of pharmaceuticals in Kenya and East-Africa.

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Top Pharma Wholesaler

Fastest Growing Pharma Company

The African continent is a growing market for pharmaceuticals, and Prunus is the fastest-growing pharma company in East Africa. The company has been operating in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania since 2018.
The company has over 100 employees across its three African markets and controls about 10% of the Kenyan market share for pharmaceutical products.

Doctors are Angels who save lives by prescribing Good Quality, Right Medicine at Appropriate Time.

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Therapeutic Areas of Focus

Anti-Malarial and Anti-Biotic

We stay relevant in market by procuring and distributing Niche Pharmaceuticals

The continent of Africa is the most populous in the world with a population of 1.2 billion people. The lack of access to drugs and other medical treatments have led to a rise in death rates, especially among children under five years old. The continent accounts for more than 90% of malaria cases and deaths worldwide. Our Brands like Lonart, Gsunate, and P-Alaxin are all useful anti-malarial drugs with high efficacy rate.
Africa is in need of antibiotics. The continent has the world’s highest rates of death from infectious diseases. The WHO estimates that Africa needs additional antibiotic by at least 40% to meet demand. We believe our brands Clamoxin, Azycin, Sanfurox, Santriax will play important role in fulfilling this gap.

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